Going to make this a quick post.

I’m looking for somewhere to sell some photos/artwork online that handles things in a Print on Demand way.

I have used Fine Art America for a few years.  I have a handful of images up there, but the only sale so far has been to myself, and that was 4 or 5 years ago.  It doesn’t seem to be much more than a photosharing site with ‘contests’ that don’t really do anything.  It is certainly not something I would ever pay for.

I have heard about a company called Society6.  A friend of mine has used them with some success.  I would absolutely use them except for one fatal flaw – they process everything through PayPal.  I am not willing to use PayPal under any circumstances.  Aside from this major issue, what I saw on S6 seems to be really good.

What else is out there?  My main requirement is that they have an option for payment/payouts that is not PayPal.  It is ok if one option is PayPal, there just needs to be other options as well.  I don’t have strong feelings on if the site is a ‘community’ or not, I just want a place that has a track record for actually connecting people who want to buy with those who want to sell.


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