As promised in the 2020 year in review, I have been working on site-wide updates.  Due to a bug in how my host was linking my install to my account, I had to do a reinstall.


After the reinstall, I imported the contents of my old blog into this one.  Because my newer galleries are using the ‘Next Gen Gallery’ plugin, and it wasn’t installed before I did this, all of the NGGs are broken.  I only had 4 or 5 so this isn’t a big deal.


In addition,  the images were not imported properly, so all of my images are no longer managed by WordPress, which in turn breaks all ‘featured images’.  I may fix some of these eventually.  Images in posts are still showing up because I copied the old images folder into the new WordPress install.


The new theme is called Crio.  My webhost gives me the pro version, which is part of why I did the whole reinstall.  I really hope this effort is worth it.


The one thing I really don’t like about Crio is that it changed the permalink structure.  I can learn to deal with it, or maybe someone can explain to me how to fix it.  In the long term, it doesn’t matter.  The search engines will update in a day or two and the annoyance will go away quickly.

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