During my summer trip to Finland, I decided to spend my last full day driving around Lapland.
I started the day in Rovaniemi and ended up driving north to Ivalo, which is about an hour from the border with Norway.  It was more driving than I had intended, but, the scenery was just so nice I kept going and lost track of time.  The sun also did not set during my time in Lapland, which made me completely lose track of time.
On my drive back, I took a detour and went east across the middle of Lapland.
I ran across this fantastic hill area in the middle of the country which had a very still lake named Ahvenlampi.  It is near Pyha-Lustro National Park.

Ahvenlampi.  Not pictured:  swarms of mosquitoes.

I absolutely love when you have still lakes with perfect reflections.  What I didn’t love was all of the mosquitoes that were everywhere.
The light on this particular day was strange.  I was forced to shoot this photo at iso1000 in order to get the shutter speed fast enough to avoid shake and maintain the Depth of Field I wanted (f/7.1).  Thankfully the D800 has really good high iso performance, and I knew this already from a previous trip (this goes back to my previous post on always testing out your gear in a known environment before a trip).
The lens I was using, the Nikon 24-70 f/2.8, does not have VR.
In retrospect, I should have used a tripod.
No matter, the photo turned out exactly as I’d hoped.  I may end up making a black and white version of this photo at some point.  Right now, I have what is essentially a green and white photo.  A friend of mine would tell me that what I have here is already a black and white, I just haven’t realized it yet.  This is probably true, but I think the green adds something and while a black and white version will likely be quite nice, it will be nice in a different way.  Perhaps it will be a topic for a future post :).

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