My Favorite Camera Review

I enjoy reading photo news sites.

One of my favorites is F-Stoppers.

About a year and a half they reviewed the Nikon Df, which is a retro styled Full Frame Nikon DSLR with the same sensor as the high end D4, but for half the cost. The Df is a very nice looking camera, but with the retro look and difficulty in controlling the camera, it soon was joked that the camera was made for hipsters.

So the F-Stoppers crew did a Hipster Review of the Df. The other camera they are using in the video is a Nikon D800, which was a ~$3000 camera body at the time and is considered a professional camera.

I hope you enjoyed that. I laughed a lot at this video.


My Last Photo To Facebook

I will not deny it. I despise facebook. I don’t like many social media, and for many photographers, Facepage is a necessary evil.

Today, I am declaring that it is not. It is an avoidable evil. Facepage is the same as drunk driving.

Today, I posted my final photo to Facepage. And it feels amazing to quit the site. Here is the image.

This is a stitched panorama. The final image is about 70 MPix. So it is a huge way to say goodbye.

The image is one that I find inspiring. The panorama format is fantastic. It is wider than normal, and just shows the epic expansiveness of the land. I’ve been working on it for a day, and thought it was just good to be my last.

I want to keep in touch with my friends. But I am finished with Facepage.


Still Here

I’m still here.  And still trying to work on some of my long term projects.  I anticipate updates to the blog in the next few weeks.  These updates will have the substance of previous posts, and way more than just this quick note.

Until then.